Serving the people of Higham Ferrers

The Mayor Cllr Christina Reavey has given a lot of thought to which charity she would like to support during her Mayoral year. We recognise that in the current climate with restrictions likely to last for a considerable time the Mayor will be unable to hold fundraising events in anything like the same capacity as past Mayors have done.

In these uncertain times we have seen such a wealth of kindness and support, and so many local groups that are still in need. To that end, with careful consideration the Mayor Cllr Reavey has opted to donate any monies raised during the Mayoral year 2020-21 to Higham Ferrers Community Groups and Organisations. The exact distribution of the money will be clarified towards the end of the Mayoral year in Spring 2021 and will likely depend on the final amount and how impacted we are with the ability to hold events.

Last updated: Wed, 27 May 2020 09:56