Serving the people of Higham Ferrers

The Mayor of Higham Ferrers for 2021-22 is Councillor Tina Reavey. Tina will be accompanied to events by her consort, Mr Tony Reavey. The Deputy Mayor for 2021-22 is Councillor Angela Gardner.

Cllr Christina Reavey started her Mayoral year in unique circumstances as the first Mayor to be inaugurated through a 'Zoom' video call! The global pandemic meant that the Town Council were unable to hold the traditional 'Mayor Making' ceremony in the Council Chamber so Councillors gathered together via the online portal to witness Cllr Reavey take her oath and be declared the Mayor of Higham Ferrers for 2020-21.

Cllr Reavey told her fellow Councillors that it was an honour to be elected as the Mayor of Higham Ferrers and that she is committed to supporting and promoting the town. She and her consort, Anthony are looking forward to representing Higham Ferrers at many events in the surrounding towns.

Cllr Reavey has been a resident of Northamptonshire for 35 years and approximately 25 of them have been in Higham Ferrers. She is retired but formerly taught for 23 years in a nearby Primary School and she considers the education and wellbeing of our young people to be very important.

Cllr Reavey's consort, Mr Anthony Reavey, is her husband of 49 years and they have three children, two of whom live and work locally and one in the city. They have four grandchildren, two of whom attend Ferrers School, with one more at Higham Infants and the youngest at pre-school.

Cllr Reavey has been a Town Councillor for the last five years. She is a member of several committees and working parties where she feels most fortunate to work alongside, and learn from, some very experienced Councillors.

She enjoys meeting and talking with local residents and their families and looks forward to representing our lovely historic town during her Mayoral year.

Cllr Reavey was delighted to be voted in as Mayor for an historic second consecutive year for 2021-22, and this time was able to enjoy her Mayor Making ceremony in person at the Bede House.

To contact the Mayor for more information on any events or Council business email

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