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Mayor Elected for second term of Office

Mayor Elected for second term of Office

At its Annual Meeting on 17th May, Higham Ferrers Town Council elected Cllr Christina Reavey for her second term of office as Mayor. At the socially distanced meeting held in the Bede Hose, Cllr Angela Gardner was elected as her Deputy.

On thanking her fellow Councillors for the nomination, Cllr Reavey said

" My Mayorship will go down in history. Firstly, because I have been asked to do two consecutive years. I have been told that the last person to do two consecutive years was John White in 1952 – 1954 when in fact we were a borough council. Secondly because last year I 'zoomed' into the role whilst in solitary isolation in my study and then this year, because of covid restrictions and social distancing rules, we are not holding Mayor Making in our Town Hall Council Chamber but in the Historic Bede House. However, I very much appreciate that this evening I have my fellow councillors and Town Hall staff alongside me, and finally I must be the only mayor who has raised Zero pounds for their charity!!

Cllr Reavey has been a resident of Northamptonshire for 35 years with approximately 25 of them have been in Higham Ferrers. She is retired but formerly taught for 23 years in a nearby Primary School and she considers the education and wellbeing of our young people to be very important. She hopes that later in the year, if restrictions allow, to be able to hold some events to raise money for her charities, which initially will be Higham Ferrers Community. She would also like to include a national charity if restrictions allow an number of fundraising events to be held and will announce this later in the year.

She enjoys meeting and talking with residents and their families and looks forward to representing our lovely historic town during her Mayoral year.

To contact the Mayor for more information on any events or Council business email info@highamferrers-tc.gov.uk

Posted: Wed, 19 May 2021 01:29 by Sandra Mitcham

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