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Rushden East Sustainable Urban Extension has always been the aspiration of Rushden. Higham Ferrers has reluctantly supported the concept as long as it was located south and only a small section was in Higham. Higham Ferrers Neighbourhood Plan supports a mix of residential, community facilities and employment in this area.

Rushden East is a proposed new development on land to the east of the A6 bypass between the John Clarke Way and Newton Road Roundabouts. It is identified within the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy as a suitable site to meet the long-term housing and employment needs of the area.

The site is being promoted by Barratt Developments and Taylor Wimpey. It will comprise:

  • Around 2,700 new homes, including affordable housing and homes for the older population.
  • Employment opportunities, including offices and industrial premises as well as 2 local centres, small-scale business space and dwellings suitable for home working or business start-ups.
  • New schools for local education provision.
  • A new town park, open greenspace and play areas.
  • Land for a new cemetery and other local community facilities such as allotments.
  • New links to connect with the wider Greenway network.
  • An energy strategy to ensure that the highest viable amount of heat and energy used within the development is generated on-site from renewable or low-carbon sources.

From the start Higham Ferrers has had to fight to have their views heard. As far back as the public hearing for the Core Strategy, the Council was asking for the boundary be defined. The Inspector said in his report: -

"the masterplan will need to consider Higham Ferrers Neighbourhood Plan ". He also said that "the detailed concerns expressed by Higham Ferrers Town Council regarding site boundaries and related matters… .will need to be considered in the masterplan process".

Four years later the boundaries have changed little since the concept produced for the Core Strategy. There has been no agreement with Higham. The Rushden East Board has only one representative from Higham Ferrers Town Council despite lobbying for more, whilst Rushden has 7. (2 Town Councillors, 4 District Councillors and 1 County Councillor)

We understand an outline planning application is due before the end of the year , which will include proposals for employment only (B8 (large warehouses) included) in the parish of Higham, a cemetery in Rushden as far south as it could be, and connectivity being pushed towards Rushden Town Centre.

The Town Council wants residents to know this planning application is due, so they can make their voice heard. The Town Council will be considering at their next meetings whether to review the Neighbourhood Plan in the hope this will help.

This development will affect Higham and the council want to ensure that Higham get some benefit and not all the negatives.

Posted: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 14:01 by Sandra Mitcham

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